Cladding made from coconut palm hardwood. 
Photo © Pacific Green

Guidelines for a sustainable silviconomy… Within Slow Wood®, the following are the main areas considered for the use of wood or wood products. Descriptions of each of these broad categories and in-depth criteria can be found in the document.

Taking (extraction, including hunting, killing and forest

Production (in-forest processing and at-mill processing)

Transport (moving all tree parts from forest to mill, mill
               to fabricator, etc.)

Use (what is the end-material and end-use of the wood?
               What uses of wood are
not Slow Wood®?)

Post-Use (disposal methods and impacts of the material)

Reclaiming nogal logs being cut from coffee plantations, Nicaragua, 2011.    Photo © Earthbilt

Sustainably produced black locust decking and white oak posts, Philipsburg Manor, NY, 2021.    Photo © Earthbilt

Reclaiming a section of the Riegelmann Boardwalk being renovated in Brighton Beach, NY, 2014.    Photo © Earthbilt

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