Blue Sky walks his stacks of black locust logs, Massachusetts, 2018.   Photo © Earthbilt

Guidelines for a sustainable silviconomy

within Slow Wood®, the following area are
considered for the use of wood or wood products.

Descriptions of each of these broad categories and in-depth criteria can be found in this linked document.

Taking (extraction, including hunting, killing and forest

Production (processing in the forest and at the mill).

Transport (moving all tree parts from forest to mill, mill
   to fabricator, etc.).

Use (what is the end-material and
     end-use of the wood?What uses
     of wood are not Slow Wood®?).

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for the full Slow Wood® Criteria.

Monoculture plantations are not forests. Oil palm expansion in Cameroon, 2016.    Photo © Earthbilt

Moving reclaimed nogal (tropical walnut) logs with oxen, Nicaragua, 2011.    Photo © Earthbilt

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Reclaiming sections of the Coney Island Boardwalk, 2014.    Photo © Earthbilt